Editorial Services

I’m now open to freelance editing! It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes on your manuscript, query, or synopsis. When I was querying, hiring a freelance editor made all the difference. I went from around 100 rejections with one project, to an offer of representation within hours of querying a new project that I’d worked on with an editor. Good editors help you find inconsistencies in your novel. They help you find plot holes and weak writing, and show you in detail the areas you can improve. Working with an editor can greatly improve your manuscript, and make your work more agent-ready.

My Qualifications:
  • I am an author repped by Hillary Jacobson at ICM Partners.
  • I have interned for a very well established NY literary agency, as an assistant to a top agent. I did two reader reports for this agent a week. Due to rules I agreed to, I’m unable to say the agency publicly, but am more than happy to tell you the agency and agent in a private message.
  • I was Managing Editor of a nonprofit newspaper for 2 years.
  • I was a YA ARC reviewer for Little, Brown for several years.
  • I was a 2017 and 2018 Pitch Wars mentor. (5 writers I helped with contest material (query/synopsis/first chapter) prior to PW also made it into the contest, and are 2017 mentees!)
  • I was a mentor of AMM R6
What I Edit:

I’m currently accepting YA and MG manuscripts!

Pricing and Services:

Smaller Services:

Query: $25. Includes in-depth edits for clarification and formatting, line edits, and two passes.

Synopsis: $40 Includes in-depth edits for clarification, line edits, and two passes. 1-2 pages with the goal of getting your synopsis to a single page that clearly represents your manuscript.

Submission Package: $100. Includes in-depth feedback and line edits on your query, 1-2 page synopsis, and first chapter (up to 5k).

Contest Package:  $50. Includes query, 1-2 page synopsis, and first page detailed critique with line edits to help you get your contest package shiny and ready to go!

Pitch Event Help: $15. Includes help editing 2 twitter pitches.

Bigger Services:

Reader Reports: .004 cents per word ( ex. 50k manuscript = $200). These are my favorite! They’re usually a 4+ page report detailing feedback on your plot, pacing, characters, setting, world build, etc. This will give you overall feedback on your entire manuscript, without the line edits. It’s great for seeing your strengths and weaknesses, and where your manuscript can improve.

Line Edits: .008 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $400). Includes an edit letter (usually 4+ pages) detailing the strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript. Includes detailed line edits and notes within the documents.

The Works: $600-$1,000. Includes line edits on your full manuscript, a detailed reader report, 3 query passes, 3 synopsis passes, help with two elevator (or twitter)pitches, and help compiling a list of agents to query.  Pricing for this depends on the word count of your manuscript.

Mentorship: Contact for pricing. If you know your manuscript needs some work and you’d like me to read for multiple passes, this is the option for you. You get everything from the works package, and a 4-month long mentorship where I will give you edits and deadlines for us to whip your manuscript into shape! Through this, you will also have access to Skype or Google Hangout Calls, and near the end I’ll help you prep for querying by working with you to compile a list of fabulous and reputable agents who are looking for your type of ms. You will get the same level of attention from me that my PW mentee gets, with the same access and type of mentorship!


“I was lucky enough to meet Adalyn last year, and she is as close to a dream come true Critique Partner as humanly possible. Through her dedication and brilliant editing mind, she figured out how to pull off one of the most complex and pivotal character revisions in CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE and it made my entire novel snap into place. I feel lucky to have her incredible eyes on not just this work, but all of my future work, and if we weren’t CPs, I would be hiring her anyway!  (She’ll also let you send her pictures of sexy Asian men!)” – Tomi Adeyemi, author of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE (Macmillan, 2018).

“Adalyn offered polite and prompt communication in regards to my query, and helped me to reach its full potential. I feel like we really connected, letting me admit my stubborn ego was in the way of my query! She helped me focus it to reflect the themes, plot, and characters more clearly and effectively with her insightful comments. I highly encourage anyone who needs a critique, whether it be full manuscript or query, to employ Adalyn. I plan on coming back for more! I’ve been querying with the revised letter she helped me craft (plus a few adjustments after revising my book) and have gotten great reception so far. Six total requests—two on the query alone!” – Alexandria Sturtz, YA writer

To schedule any of the services or ask questions, please see my contact page 🙂