Who is your agent?

I am represented Pete Knapp at Park and Fine Literary and Media

What is your book about?

ALL THE STARS AND TEETH is a YA fantasy in which a fierce princess strikes a deal with a pirate and embarks on a high-seas adventure to stop a dangerous new magic and prove she’s fit to rule her kingdom. You can visit its page for more information and a more thorough synopsis.

Is it a series?

It is currently slated to be a duology. Its sequel, ALL THE TIDES OF FATE, is tentatively set to release February 2021.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase ALL THE STARS AND TEETH at Barnes and Noble, Indie Bound, Amazon, and Books-a-million. It is also available on audio.
Please see it’s page here. As new retailers come in and as more rights are sold, I will keep that page updated.

Can I get a ARC of your books for reviewing purposes?

You can reach out to my publicist to request: morgan.rath@macmillan.com

Are you open to events/signings/talks/etc?

Absolutely. Please get in contact with me

How do you get an agent?

By cold querying! The traditional way to get an agent is by writing a manuscript, revising it until your eyes bleed, and then creating a query letter. You email that query letter and requested sample pages to an agent, then cross your fingers and hope for the best. A great way to find information out about agents is by visiting agency sites and MSWL to see what books they’re looking for. Also, a great way to start is by looking in the acknowledgments of similar books to yours and seeing who the author’s agent is.

What is a query?

A query is the one page teaser about your book that you send to agents! I’ll write a blog post about this one day. In the meantime, I recommend checking out Susan Dennard’s advice (she gives some of the best and most detailed advice about all parts of the writing process), as well as Query Shark.

The one piece of advice I find myself giving over and over about queries is to make sure the stakes are there. Unlike a synopsis, you’re not telling everything that happens. The info you want is: who is your mc (main character), what do they want, who/what is stopping them from getting it, and what doesn’t happen if they get it?

What is Pitch Wars?

It is an amazing contest created by fairy godmother Brenda Drake. I was selected for in 2016, and though I did not get my agent from that manuscript, that contest changed my life. It’s a competitive contest, but I HIGHLY suggest all querying writers enter it. You can read more about it here and here.

This contest has helped many writers find their agents, and it has also produced millions of dollars in book deals.

Can you read my book/be my CP?

Unfortunately my schedule does not allow for this. I am still currently taking on freelance manuscripts and clients, but between them and my own obligations, my schedule does not allow for me to read anything else.

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